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The Government Mule




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Elections have consequences.  The last election was a distant memory with the “winners” now in total control. They took power for power’s sake and never let go.


The Government Mule is the story of George Mihelich, a man arrested for who he loved and what he thought, not what he said or did. He believed what he had was his, including his wife and kids. Boy, was he wrong. For years, he went along to get along until the man who makes the rules, a power-hungry, amoral narcissist and childhood friend of Mihelich, decided to take from Mihelich something he long coveted. That was a mistake.


When Mihelich realized those who made the rules didn’t have to live by them, he knew he had to make his own rules and hit back where it hurts. To do so, he re-embraced the credo he once lived by:  

Never give up, never surrender.


Check out The Government Mule Promotional Trailer:

Are we headed to a new world where we live in mortal fear of those who now have absolute power? Where food is scarce and money scarcer?

The Government Mule takes you into this new ruthless world.

Could this be an apocalyptic prophecy of things to come?

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