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All book covers are designed by, or based on the design by Andy Gutowski of 423 Creative. Andy is the most creative force in marketing, advertising and brand management. Check out 423 Creative:


Johnny attended writing seminars at The Creative Writer’s Workshop, based in Ireland, and taught by Irene Graham, an internationally renowned Book Writing Coach. It changed his life:


This website was designed and created by the folks at Northbrain, an expert team of Apple Computer consultants. Their creativity and enthusiasm went above and beyond. Check them out at:

For a great work of literary fiction and a gripping story, pick up Theseus by Grayson J. Stevens. Available on Amazon This eclectic story tackles the corruption derived from the pursuit of money and profit in the legal profession. It is a brilliant mixture of Greek mythology and our current legal profession. I couldn’t put it down.

If you love thrillers and mysteries, want insightful reviews and learn what's new, then go to The Real Book Spy - the best site on the web. It gives you full coverage of your favorite authors, their characters and what's hot. It's a must for thriller and mystery readers.

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