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Billy Mack doesn’t go looking for trouble but trouble seems to find him. When confronted by ruthless corruption and mortal danger, Billy must use every tool in his arsenal to end the threat and defeat evil. But, there is one man out there who makes the devil look like a guardian angel and he’s sworn to exterminate Billy from this world, which he considers his world.



The Bunco


Billy Mack's life is on the line. A young woman who doesn't fear death comes to his aid. Billy's not sure he likes those odds.

Billy Mack learns he's being pursued by Europe's top assassin, hired by J Otis Weil, a man who sex-traffics young girls. J Otis has partnered with Jimmy Lin, Asia's top sex-trafficker and they want Billy dead and gone for his past 'disruptions' costing them millions. Billy's only option is to turn the tables. He teams up with a young woman, once trafficked by J Otis, to fight back.

  Adding fuel to the fire, a powerful Mafia boss is involved... 



The Mozart


Toxic Chemicals used in making sarin gas go missing from a company Billy Mack’s firm just acquired. The key suspect is the plant manager until he found murdered, leaving only a single clue to the underlying motive. Billy has no idea where this clue leads until he is ultimately fingered as the suspect’s murderer. The clue points Billy in a dangerous direction and dead bodies start to pile up around him.


Salzburg’s elite police unit – The Bundespolizei – is ordered to go in hot pursuit of Billy, the American mass murderer, with a strict shoot-on-sight order.


Billy Mack is NOT to be taken alive.


The DeSoto Rule Cover 10_Fotor.jpg

The DeSoto


Getting into Cuba was easy for Billy. Getting out however, not so easy, especially when you're wanted for murder ... of a Cuban policeman.

Billy is pulled into a world where he doesn't know a soul, can't speak the language and can't trust anyone. He is given one piece of advice as he's boarding the plane for Havana: "Watch your back..." 

Billy uncovers despicable evil and quickly discovers he's being set up to take the fall - and spend the rest of his life in a Cuban prison. The only way to make things right, stop the evil, and get out of Cuba is for Billy to play by his own rules... 

His life depends on it.

Check out the latest video for The DeSoto Rule:



The Celtic


Billy Mack is about to change the world as we know it and the power elite will do anything to stop him… Anything


Billy and Paddy O'May, a brilliant, eccentric inventor, are on the verge of upending the world as we know it and dethroning the political and economic pecking order. The power elites running the global economy are hell-bent on not letting that happen. Just as Billy is about to introduce O'May's revolutionary invention, an invention that will dramatically change the world, Paddy disappears. 


In order to protect what 'belongs' to them, the rich and powerful play by their own rules... and always win. That is, until they make the mistake of taking on Billy Mack. When Billy goes to find Paddy, he quickly realizes things are not as they appear. 


It's time to play by Billy's rules.




Millions of dollars suddenly go missing and Billy Mack is the prime suspect.

Billy is in Zürich, Switzerland waiting for Siva Afari to complete her banking business. That business never took place. Siva looked at the balance in her numbered account and was shocked to see the account had been emptied – every cent gone. Someone absconded with the millions in her account.

Only a handful of people know who really funded Siva’s account and these people will go to any lengths to get their money back.

The evidence points directly to Billy and Siva as the culprits. The people who put up the money are determined to bring Billy and Siva to justice, their justice.

That’s not all. Somebody wants Billy and Siva dead and their murders pinned on the organization that funded the account. Their plan was foolproof, until they ran into Billy Mack.

When Billy and Siva are ambushed, Billy doesn’t get mad, he gets even.


The Sweetest Payback

Billy Mack’s niece, Layla, disappears on her 16th birthday and her brazen abduction is caught on camera - intentionally.  

Her ransom demand is highly suspicious.  Billy must deliver $3 million to a dubious location and wait for further instructions. If he obeys the kidnappers’ demands, he plays a game of Russian roulette with five bullets in the six-shooter. He has one chance to rescue Layla or she vanishes, forced back into her hellish former life.

Billy has no choice but to infiltrate a world where human life has no value. He is out-manned, out-gunned and dealing with the kidnappers on their home turf – the seedy slums of Barcelona, where no tourist dares to enter. He must outfox both a vindictive, evil woman and her unstable, volatile son who is determined to keep Layla as his playmate.


To rescue Layla, Billy must teeter on the edge of hell and pray his guardian angel still has his back.  


The Cardinal Rule


Why was Billy Mack summoned to Rome on the next plane?


Billy thought it was to experience an historic event, but quickly learned otherwise. After a succession of over 266 popes dating back to St. Peter, a sede vacante, a papal vacancy, was not an unusual historical event for the Vatican but a call from Cardinal Kauftheil suggested that this vacancy was unlike any other.


The Pope’s mysterious death was only a prelude to what was about to confront the Catholic Church. As the College of Cardinals went about its duty to elect a new Pope, it needed a guardian angel and Billy was ‘requested’ to assume that role, a role he could not refuse.

In order to fulfill his duty there was only one rule – The Cardinal Rule – requiring Billy to take what he discovers to his grave. When he learns the world’s best-kept secret, a deadly bull's-eye has been painted on his back.

That is not the only secret Billy learns. On the run with Sister Angela, a nun hiding a mysterious past, the two must outwit the ultimate of all evils, and save the Church from the Apocalypse -- an apocalypse coming from within the walls of the Vatican.

The Only Rule


Would you risk your life for a complete stranger? What if she’s a innocent fifteen-year old about to lose hers? Billy Mack has five seconds to make that decision or one of them will die.


Working in London, Billy Mack's assistant is brutally murdered and a witness identifies Billy as the killer. When the blood-soaked crime scene photos make the headlines, the case captivates the public and the hunt for Billy is on. On the lam to clear his name, Billy happens upon a young girl running for her life. He can't let her go it alone and he can't take her with him. Billy Mack has a life-altering decision to make and no time to think about it. 



The Persian Waltz


Was it a case of mistaken identity or was Billy Mack deliberately chosen? On a business trip to Vienna, Mack is taking a break from heated negotiations when a beautiful, mystifying woman sits at his table, addresses him by name and acts as if they were lovers. When he discovers what she slipped into his pocket, he is dragged into a terror plot designed to start the next world war and begin the worldwide Caliphate. With his life on the line, he is stuck in a Catch-22 world of espionage, deception, terror and murder. He must stay one step ahead of the terrorists while chasing after them to stop their devastating attack. In a world where human life is used and easily discarded, the terrorist made a wrong move and Mack has one chance to make them pay. As he goes on the attack, he must figure out whom he can trust. When he’s at his most vulnerable, he finds a guardian angel … or did the guardian angel find him?


The Persian Waltz Promotional Video 

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