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The Government Mule

Elections have consequences.  The last election was a distant memory with the “winners” now in total control. They took power for power’s sake and never let go.


The Government Mule is the story of George Mihelich, a man arrested for who he loved and what he thought, not what he said or did. He believed what he had was his, including his wife and kids. Boy, was he wrong. For years, he went along to get along until the man who makes the rules, a power-hungry, amoral narcissist and childhood friend of Mihelich, decided to take from Mihelich something he long coveted. That was a mistake.


When Mihelich realized those who made the rules didn’t have to live by them, he knew he had to make his own rules and hit back where it hurts. To do so, he re-embraced the credo he once lived by:  

Never give up, never surrender.


"Incredibly surprised it was so different from Johnny Mee's previous books. I was riveted from the first words and found myself annoyed when I had to set the book down for any reason."

Amazon Review

"This book is a page turner!!!"

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Billy Mack, a former baseball star, is now buying and fixing companies around the world, companies that require his unique skills to fix problems and eliminate threats. Trouble, however, seems to follow him and the companies he works with. But, Billy never runs from a fight, never compromises his morals even after realizing evil plays by a different set of rules. With his unique skills, Billy changes those rules and evil doesn’t see it coming.

From Vienna, London, Rome, Barcelona, Zürich, Dublin… and now from Havana, the Billy Mack mystery thrillers continue to take on a whole new chapter…

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Billy Mack


A former Major League baseball player and All Star, whose new job is to fix broken companies and close complicated deals. He’s an everyday man, who when confronted by evil relies on his life experiences to defeat the mortal threats.

Ray Gunn


Billy’s boss has a cloak-and-dagger background. He recognizes Billy’s innate abilities and uses them. He’s connected to the covert dominions inside the world’s most powerful governments and capitalizes on those connections.

Adriana Kriz

Kidnapped at thirteen and sex trafficked, she used her courage and cunning to stay alive. With Billy’s help she escaped that world and now works to keep kids safe from the child sex predators she endured.

J Otis Weil


He’s a billionaire with the sole goal of acquiring wealth and an ego bigger than his pile of money. He’s an evil man, devoid of morals and ethics and has one rule: "it’s only illegal if you get caught."

The story captured my imagination and slid me into the intrigue with Billy Mack. An engrossing plot.  

I thought the writing had a unique and original voice.

Amazon Review

It's refreshing to read a book in which the author respects the intelligence of the reader. This is a fast moving, easy read..

Amazon Review

Johnny Mee is a Twin Cities-based writer of mystery - thrillers. He is currently working on his 10th Billy Mack thriller - The Airboat Rule (working title) - set in Miami, Florida.

A major terror attack is planned and little does Billy know but he's in the way.

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