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Are we headed to a new world where we live in mortal fear of those who now have absolute power? Where food is scarce and money scarcer?

The Government Mule takes you into this new ruthless world.

Could this be an apocalyptic prophecy of things to come?

The Government Mule




TGM Mule Cover RS2.jpg


When a man doesn’t give a damn if he lives or dies, he’s at his most dangerous. The Government Mule is the story of George Mihelich, a man driven to the edge of hell, where surrendering to death is the preferred way out -- by most people.

Once a heralded and highly sought-after all-star quarterback, happily married to his high school sweetheart, George Mihelich sat by while the world around him disintegrated into a despotic dictatorship. For years, he went along just to get along until the man who now makes the rules, a power-hungry, amoral narcissist and childhood friend of Mihelich, decided to take from Mihelich something he long coveted. That was a mistake.

The only way to stop this tyrant is to attempt a perilous long-shot: Mihelich has to change the rules and hit back where it hurts. To do so, he must re-embrace the credo he once lived by:

Never give up, never surrender.

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